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The Shuttle Mission

Posted on Sun Jun 6th, 2021 @ 3:36pm by Michael Anderson & Blake Pisani

Mission: The Skorlm
Location: Turbolift
Timeline: MD01 1430

Lieutenant Michael Anderson followed Dr. Pisani out of the Ready Room. Once on the bridge, he nodded to the helmsman, letting him know that they were to remain at the helm for the time being. "Dr. Pisani, do you have a moment?"

Blake for her worth had her cup of coffee still in hand, both of them in fact and she stopped and turned to face the senior helmsman of the Reliant. "What's up Lieutenant?"

Michael noticed the Doctor's coffee as they got to the Turbolift. 'That looks good! I should grab a cup later!' As they waited, for the lift to arrive, he said, "Do you have time to plan the shuttle mission?"

"Yah, basically got nothing but time at the moment," Blake responded as she sipped at the coffee and offered a smile. "Deck 4," she commanded to the computer as the doors closed and the turbolift got underway.

"Great!" He pulled up the PADD checking the shuttle schedule. Luckily it was completely open and he had three ensigns available for the mission, "Luckily we have the people available for the mission. How much cargo do you plan on sending to the Madar colony?" The answer from the Doctor would determine whether or not they sent a shuttle or a runabout to the colony.

"I've got 2 pallets of goods for Madar, but we're also going to be adding a replicator, or parts for one, on top. Shouldn't be to much more I'd think. If anything else is going on top, it'll be likely just a bottle of whiskey or wine, depending on what my friends there want and what I've got in storage." Blake didn't even try to hide that she had a supply of alcohol on ship, decent enough to be supplying doctors up and down the border.

Michael thought about it for a moment, it was probably best to send a Runabout based on the goods being sent to Madar. "I'll have a runabout ready within the hour. Does that work for you Doctor?" He thought about asking for some alcohol, but instead put that to the back of his mind. If the two become friends, maybe they'd be able to enjoy a drink or two.

"Runabout is a little overkill for a milk run isn't it?" Blake asked, then shook her head. "But you're the boss. Shouldn't be a problem for me. Cargo is already on pallets, just speak with the Quartermaster's office and they'll get it sorted for you. I'd also just make sure that Chief t'Khev or one of her folks can get the replicator parts for you." She sipped at her coffee thoughtfully for a moment, pausing just after the sip before speaking again. "I'll bring a bottle of something down for your pilot to give to hand over when they arrive. Medicinal in nature I assure you."

"One last thing doctor. I've been putting off the regulation medical exam since I arrived. When would you or your staff be available for such an appointment." The requirement to get a check up had literally escaped his mind. He was overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the Reliant and being a new department head, he'd put it on the back burner.

"Well, your last medical was only a few months ago, but the Captain did mandate medicals for everyone, so sure, just pop on in. Until something interesting truly happens we're pretty free down in Sickbay. Not like some of the truly large vessels where we'd also be a walk-in clinic and village doctor's office, we're just a run of the mill sickbay. Pop in after your duty shift and we'll sort you right." Blake said as the turbolift came to a halt and the doors opened.

She smiled and then stepped out of the turbolift. "Oh, and Lieutenant, be ready to go straight to the gym for the physical fitness part of a physical. Come late, you don't get the advantage of a twenty four hour window." With that she saluted with her cup of coffee and turned to start walking down the corridor towards Sickbay.

Anderson smiled at the last comment from the Doctor. He'd always enjoyed physical fitness but with the transfer he hadn't made his way down to the gym yet. How embarrassing would it be if he'd failed his PT test? A young pilot who can't lift weights or run a mile? He had the next two hours before he had to be back on the bridge and thus decided to make his way to the gym. 'Time to get a baseline' he thought to himself as he drew up the orders for the shuttle mission and hit send on his PADD.


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