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Senior Staff Meeting

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 @ 1:45am by Kirk Bailey & Julia Silva & Olivia Vo & Blake Pisani & Michael Anderson & Sindari t'Khev

Mission: The Skorlm
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD1 1400

While this wasn't Sindari's first senior staff meeting, it was a nice change to be present at once for a purpose other than providing a Romulan perspective. The chief arrived early, with data work and a cup of coffee in her hands. She took the seat furthest from the door, just to the side of the other end of the table where she could sit relatively out of the way but also be able to look at the others.

Olivia walked along the corridor to the briefing room, PADD in hand, reading the latest hourly status report. Most of the major leg work was over, but she knew the moment she let her guard down another problem would present itself. She looked up from her PADD while entering the briefing room, securing it by her side as she walked through. She gave a smirk and a nod to t'Khev and then went to find her seat. Stopping halfway through the room, she took a brief moment to look around and think. She'd sat in on senior staff meetings before, enough to know how the order and the flow of the room worked. The XO and the next highest-ranking officer always sat on either side of the Captain while the other officers trickle in and sit in whatever chair's available. She knew she already spent too much time thinking about it so she decided the safest bet was to sit beside Commander Silva. 

Julia entered the lounge and smiled, "Afternoon." She swung by the replicator and got a fresh cup of coffee before taking her seat.

Blake's arrival was noiseless, at least for everyone else. She came in wearing a white lab coat over her uniform as some doctors were want to do, giving her a place to shove her hands as she had walked through the ship. Now as she stepped in she reached up and removed some devices from her ears and pocketed them. "Coffee," she simply stated to all before approaching the replicator after Julia. "Coffee," she announced to the machine with no specifications, being rewarded with something to sip on as she took her seat.

Captain Kirk Bailey entered the Observation Lounge carrying several PADDs under his arm. He went around the table. He set them down on the table. He turned to look at Commander Silva, "Have you taken attendance?"

She nodded, "We're still short a Chief Science Officer, otherwise all major departments are covered. "

"Thank you, Lieutenant Commander." Bailey nodded. He took one of the PADDs and pushed the rest of the middle of the table, "Everyone grabs a PADD."

Olivia reached forward and grabbed a PADD from the stack. She gave it a quick skim over and then lowered it back down to the table.

"As many of you know we are bringing much-needed supplies from mothballed ships from the Qualor Supply Yards to Starbase 10. We are headed to patrol the former Romulan Neutral Zone while we are en route. Starfleet has indicated that there has been an increase in unauthorized crossings from both sides of the border. We are ordered to intercept anyone whose interloping into Federation territory, investigate and possibly seize any contraband," Bailey continued, "I have put together a practice drill to ready ourselves for a ship-wide simulation. I recommend that department heads read over the parameters of the simulation to oversee readiness. If you feel like your department needs internal readiness drills, please speak with Miss Silva to make the necessary arrangements."

"We're passing near the Madar colony, aren't we? They're on my list of places nearby needing supplies. Nothing critical so if we can just dispatch a shuttle for a cargo run, I'd appreciate it," Blake spoke up. "I'm not even concerned to send a nurse along. Surely a couple of ensigns around who want some flight hours, yes?"

Julia glanced at the PADD for a moment before turning to the Captain. "Shouldn't be an issue, would take a shuttle what, 8 hours round trip to deliver supplies and meet back up with us along our route."

"Agreed," Bailey said in agreement with his XO, "Mr. Anderson please touch base with Doctor Pisani to make the appropriate arrangements for her department's use of a shuttlecraft with a pilot to transit medical supplies to the Madar Colony."

"Aye sir," Anderson nodded to the Doctor. He'd grab the doctor after the meeting to work out the details, but he knew just the pilot for the job.

"I recommend sending a replicator or at least some parts along with those supplies," Sindari spoke up. "Madar Colony gets hit with these bad storms. Tends to short out tech. Food is as much a priority as medicine."

The Captain looked over at Lieutenant Vo, "Are we able to provide the Colony with a food replicator?"

Olivia thought for a moment and then looked over to the Captain. "I believe we can spare one or two replicators," she replied. "But I'd also suggest sending Ensign Miller along with the away team. I'm not sure what the colony's systems are like, but it took us a few days to get the new replicators installed – and that was with the help of a starbase engineering team. There's no point in giving them a replicator if they can't use it."

"Make sure that all personnel requests are put through Commander Silva, first," Bailey replied. "Dr. Pisani, perhaps touching base with your contact in the Colony to see if they have an additional wishlist and see if we have anything we can spare?"

"Will do. Will see what else we can get them and squeeze into a shuttle," Blake said with a nod.

The Romulan held up her index finger. "One more thing. We don't have a full crew complement until we arrive at Starbase 10. A not insignificant number of that crew are engineering personnel. If other departments have anyone....not critical for a crisis situation, I need them as damage control teams. Right now I can field just over half of what we should have."

"Until Sickbay actually has something to do, I could possibly free up a couple of my nurses to help out. I'll look at my rosters and see what I can do." Blake then disappeared behind her coffee cup.

Anderson knew that the Flight Control department was the smallest on the ship, but there their skills with engines made gave them some experience with engineering, "I can also work in a few pilots when they're not on duty."

"Thank you," Sindari said.

"In the same vein, overall we're about 13% understaffed. It's not a unique situation amongst the fleet right now, but it means we'll all be a little busier. I'd like all DHs to review their staff and identify any cross-trained individuals that can assist other departments if the need arrives." Julia added.

Sindari nodded and exchanged a glance with Lieutenant Vo, since they had something of a head start on that.

The Captain looked around the table for a brief second before speaking, "If there aren't any further questions, you're dismissed."

Anderson rose from his seat. There were two things on his immediate to do list: 1) Discuss plans for the shuttle mission with Dr. Pisani and 2) Adjust the schedule to allow teams to work with engineering. Both were easy enough tasks. He moved towards Dr. Pisani as they exited.

Julia hung back while the staff departed leaving just her and the Captain. "So, first official briefing as Captain. Not bad." She said, adding a "Sir," with a wink as she headed for the door.

The Captain smiled at Silva and followed her out the door.


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