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Shuttle Bay Inspection

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 @ 1:35am by Michael Anderson & Julia Silva

Mission: Prelude
Location: Shuttlebay 1

Michael Anderson, a young up-and-coming newly promoted department head, stepped out of the Captain's Ready Room. Their first encounter had gone as expected but now it was time to get to work.

He looked around the bridge and saw his crewmates. This would be a whole new world for him. Michael had been well-liked at his previous assignments but it took him some time to open up. He noticed a commander sitting in the command chair. ‘That’s most likely Commander Silva - the XO. Better make a good first impression.’ He walked over to her.

“Good morning, sir. I’m Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Anderson. Recently promoted Chief Helmsman for the Reliant.” He extended his hand.

Julia smiled and took the man's hand. "Welcome aboard Lieutenant, and I generally prefer ma'am to sir."

"Sorry, ma'am." He said looking to the side. He should have known better but alas, she seemed like it didn't bother her. That was Michael Anderson always overthinking everything! "This is an amazing ship - how long have you been aboard?"

"I've only been aboard a few days." She said, "I was planning to check over the auxiliary craft this afternoon, but if you're free why don't we go get it taken care of now. Means one less report I have to read if I'm there for the process." She said with a smile.

Anderson was glad that his superior was one of those officers who'd be in the trenches with him. He appreciated that, "That'd be great ma'am. Captain Bailey asked me to review the controls of the Reliant's helm. I would just need 10 minutes to complete that. Is that okay?"

"Of course." She replied returning to the Command chair.

Anderson sat down at the ships helm for the first time. It just felt right! He turned his attention to the console in front of him, making sure he set the sensitivity to his personal preference, reviewing the location of controls. As a gifted pilot, the controls came naturally. He made sure to be mindful of the clock, and at the ten minute mark he was ready to go. He stood, "Ma'am, I'm ready when you are.

"Miller you have the bridge." Julia said to the Officer at Ops, before leading the pilot to the turbolift and ordering it to shuttlebay 1. "So Lieutenant I understand you're coming to us from the Adventure."

Michael smiled when he thought of the Adventure; it'd been his home for six years. He'd quickly fallen in love then dealt with the awkward consequences after the breakup. "Yes ma'am. It was a great ship. Wouldn't have traded my time on there for anything except the Reliant," he paused, "And I saw you were on the Denali, correct?"

"Yes I was." Julia replied.

As she spoke, Michael listened to the sounds of the turbolift. They should be arriving soon, "That class is brand new. The engines are top of the line. What was it like? It must have been amazing!" He kicked himself mentally (he'd been doing that a lot recently). But he couldn't help it! He loved his engines and seeing a brand new one was almost as exciting as seeing one still functioning after 50 years.

"She was quite the ship, but I'm looking forward to getting to know the Reliant." She said stepping out in the corridor and crossing to the shuttle bay. "Why don't you take point Lieutenant." She said indicating he should take the lead on the inspection.

It felt like he'd just been here. He nodded to the shuttle bay attendant, "Upon visual observation, this shuttlecraft has no signs of damage." He pulled out his tricorder, noting one other shuttle in the bay. "Scanning the vessel now, the exterior is intact and free of damage." Anderson lead his XO into the shuttle and sat down at the controls.

"Warming up the engines." He noticed how much faster these new shuttlecraft were at launching. It was amazing to see! "Engines are operating within the standard. Batteries are fully charged. Defensive systems also check out. This shuttle passes."

Julia made a note on the PADD. "Alright."

As they exited the shuttle, they headed towards the other Type 12 Shuttle, he noticed this was the one that he'd piloted into the shuttlebay. "This shuttle has some damage on its nacelle - luckily it is superficial. I will be handling the repair in conjunction with the Engineering Department."

Using his tricorder, he checked the structure of the ship and then proceeded inside. Everything checked out, "Shuttlebay 1 checks out, ma'am."

"What was the source of the damage?" She asked making more notes on the PADD.

Lieutenant Anderson turned red with embarrassment, "That was caused during my manual landing ma'am." Anderson knew how this looked; he was the new Chief Helmsman but he'd caused damage to one of their shuttlecraft. It definitely didn't make him look good.

Julia raised an eyebrown, "Well, best to get the repairs done before the Captain see them." She said with a grin. "He's a pilot, and is quite fussy about the paint jobs."

Anderson felt the blood drain from his face. Why hadn't he thought of this soon! Everyone in Starfleet knew that the Captain of every Starfleet vessel always keeps tabs on their old department with extra scrutiny. The tales of Janeway's work with the sciences in the Delta Quadrant and Picard's ability to detect micron misalignments were well known legends of the fleet. "Yes ma'am! With you permission, I'll do that now."

She nodded, "I think I have everything for the report, so I'll leave you to that repair."

"Yes ma'am." The Lieutenant said as he turned and headed directly for engineering. He needed to get this fixed and quickly! In his head, he started thinking back to his basic engineering courses and worked up a plan.


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