The Skorlm

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The Reliant is dispatched from Starbase 23 to the Qualor Supply Yards to transport supplies to Starbase 10 with orders to patrol the former Romulan Neutral Zone while in transit.

Start Date Mon May 3rd, 2021 @ 5:44pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Chief Potential
by Julia Silva & Sindari t'Khev
Before Departure XO's Office
The Shuttle Mission
by Michael Anderson & Blake Pisani
MD01 1430 Turbolift
Check It Out
by Kirk Bailey & Olivia Vo & Fyxea Hawas PhD
MD 1 1700 Astrometrics Lab
Senior Staff Meeting
by Kirk Bailey & Julia Silva & Olivia Vo & Blake Pisani & Michael Anderson & Sindari t'Khev
MD1 1400 Observation Lounge
The Qualor Pickup
by Kirk Bailey & Julia Silva & Olivia Vo & Michael Anderson
MD 1 - 1130 Captain's Ready Room

Mission Summary