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The new crew of the Reliant is assembled at Starbase 23 before they disembark for their first patrol along the former Romulan Neutral Zone.

Start Date Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 @ 8:01pm

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Title Timeline Location
Shuttle Bay Inspection
by Michael Anderson & Julia Silva
Shuttlebay 1
Punk as Ace
by Blake Pisani
MD04 - 2000HR Holodeck 1
A Lead on a Chief Engineer
by Kirk Bailey & Julia Silva
MD04 1015, Immediately Following "We Really Need A Chief Engineer" Captain's Ready Room
We Need A Chief Engineer
by Kirk Bailey & Olivia Vo
MD03, 1000 Captain's Ready Room, USS Reliant
Sharing the Load
by Sindari t'Khev & Olivia Vo
MD 03, 0730 Main Engineering, USS Reliant
by Blake Pisani & Sindari t'Khev
MD 04, 1130 Sickbay, USS Reliant
Paging Captain Patient
by Kirk Bailey & Blake Pisani
MD2 1400 Main Sickbay
Care packages
by Blake Pisani
MD2 Sickbay
XO's Medical
by Julia Silva & Blake Pisani
USS Reliant, Sickbay
The Start of a Mutiny
by Olivia Vo & Blake Pisani
MD02, 2030 Steakhouse, Starbase 23
More Power
by Fyxea Hawas PhD & Olivia Vo
MD02, 1530 Bridge, USS Reliant
Helmsman Reporting In
by Michael Anderson & Kirk Bailey
MD02 - 0800 Shuttlebay, Captain's Ready Room
Back at It
by Kennedy Ryan Walsh MD & Blake Pisani
MD2 1100 Sickbay
A Visit to the Doctor's Office
by Olivia Vo & Blake Pisani
MD02, 1100 Sickbay, USS Reliant
Paging Doctor Pisani
by Blake Pisani & Kirk Bailey
MD 2 1000 Captain's Ready Room
The Operations Office
by Olivia Vo & Kevin Miller
MD02, 0900 USS Reliant
by Olivia Vo
MD01, 2200 Bridge, USS Reliant
Catching Up
by Kirk Bailey & Julia Silva
MD1 - 2200 Messhall
Systems Checks and Career Talk
by Julia Silva & Olivia Vo
MD01, 1900 Executive Officer's Office, USS Reliant
The First Officer is Onboard
by Olivia Vo & Kirk Bailey & Julia Silva
MD01, 1700 Reliant: Bridge
The Tour's Early Pit Stop
by Kirk Bailey & Olivia Vo
MD 1 1430, Following "The Captain's Tour" Captain's Ready Room, USS Reliant
The Captain's Tour
by Kirk Bailey & Olivia Vo
MD01, 1342 Shuttlepod 3
I'm an Operations Officer, Not a Pilot
by Olivia Vo
MD01, 0700 USS Zambezi
Enroute to Starbase 23
by Kirk Bailey
MD1 1000 Tizona

Mission Summary