Name Blake Pisani

Gender Female

Species Human

Date of Birth 21 April, 2369

Name Blake Pisani

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

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Characters / Blake Pisani

Lieutenant Blake Pisani


From a young age Blake was determined to be a doctor and being a Starfleet brat, was also determined to be in Starfleet like her parents. Unlike so many other children of Starfleet personnel either living with only one parent at a time, or sent to family elsewhere, Blake was lucky enough in that her parents kept getting assignments to larger ships in the fleet where families were allowed. Coincidentally these same ships were the ones pushing the boundaries and going on deep 5-year missions. This certainly left an impression on young Blake as she kept seeing the best of the best Starfleet had to offer around her, acting as role models to her and the other children aboard the ships her parents were assigned to.

Eventually it came time for Blake to make her own way in the Federation and she set her sights on the field of medicine, influenced by her father and stories and tales of more than his fair share of medical mysteries and wonders. Applying for and gaining entrance into Starfleet Medical was just the first step on her intended path through Starfleet.

Four years of intense medical study and she was no longer the wide-eyed and eager young doctor, determined to explore past the map edges and find new medical mysteries. She was now a determined young doctor intent on practising her art to the best of her ability, of providing the maximum benefit to the largest amount of people at once. Seeking a billet along the Romulan border, to support the Federation colonies that had taken in refugees, or the humanitarian crisis cropping up because of instability in the region, Blake was assigned as a junior doctor about the USS V’lok, an older Excelsior class vessel that was nearing retirement.


With the USS V’lok’s last tour wrapping up, Blake decided she needed a break from the Romulan territories for a few years, to stretch herself with unfamiliar territories and problems. To her surprise she was offered the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Isaac Newton, an Ambassador class vessel that was deploying along the Federation’s Gorn border.


Then in 2397 Starfleet’s Bureau of Personnel contacted Blake with an offer - Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Reliant. The ship’s CMO was taking a leave of absence, the ACMO was too junior for the role and all other doctors with her experience level and expertise in the local region were already in positions that couldn’t be vacated without creating the exact same problem.

Jumping at the opportunity, Blake accepted the offer and was reassigned from the Isaac Newton to the Reliant, taking command of her own medical department. Over the new few years she was spent time aboard the Reliant reconnecting with local doctors and community leaders she had worked with when aboard the V’lok to ensure that when the Reliant was in the area, she was about to bring not just her best, but the right solution for the community as well.

With the recent refit of the Reliant however, she did take the opportunity to get away from the ship for a few weeks, returning to find half her medical staff reassigned to the four winds and new faces throughout the crew of the Reliant.