Name Olivia Vo

Gender Female

Species Human

Date of Birth 17 July 2370 (age 29)

Name Olivia Vo

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

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Characters / Olivia Vo

Lieutenant Olivia Vo

Olivia Vo (born 17 July 2370, age 29) is a Federation Starfleet officer currently serving as the Chief of Operations aboard the USS Reliant. Olivia previously served as an operations officer for the USS Melbourne.

Physical Appearance


Overall, Olivia is a model Starfleet officer. She plays by the book, respects the chain of command, and works well with others. Technically speaking, she is a capable operations division officer aptly trained in computer operations, mechanical engineering, and various other abilities. She can quickly solve problems and apply her knowledge to any situation, but she has trouble moving outside of her comfort zone. Olivia's technical skills created a rigid personal rule book, often leading to stubbornness and an inability to think too far outside the box – especially when outside of the bridge or engineering.

She has ambitions, but she lacks the agency to achieve her goals. She relies on others to recognize her talents and values, partly due to losing her parents at a young age and not having a lot of positive reinforcement as a child. Her purpose in joining Starfleet was to honor her parents' memory and experience some semblance of the joy they felt serving others. She achieved that goal after she graduated from the academy, and she has yet to fully realize her future in Starfleet. What she lacks in courage, she makes up for in her abilities as a mentor. Despite a relatively short service record, she learned a lot from working on an older starship and she’s more than willing to pass that knowledge on to those under her command.

Olivia does not let her work define who she is as an individual. Once she’s off duty, she fully embraces her downtime. She is often seen relaxing in the mess hall, trying out a new program in the holosuite, or cultivating one of her many hobbies. She is perfectly content with her life, taking pride in the fact that she serves the Federation.


Olivia was born just three years before the Dominion War. When the fighting began, her parents, two Starfleet officers, sent Olivia to live on Earth with her grandparents. Both of her parents died at the Battle of Betazed, and she grew up with only brief recollections of her parents. Having little to no memories of her parents shaped a great deal of Olivia's childhood; she never truly felt like she belonged anywhere, despite her grandparents caring for her every need.

From a young age, Olivia knew she wanted to join Starfleet and follow in her parents' footsteps. The dream of traveling the stars made her feel closer to her parents; she felt that understanding her parents' experiences would bring her some sense of closure. As soon as she was eligible, Olivia applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted into their engineering program.

At the Academy, Olivia explored everything the school had to offer. On top of the program's core curriculum, she also studied courses ranging from philosophy and creative writing to exobiology and probability mechanics. During her third year at the Academy, Olivia realized she wanted to pursue an interdisciplinary career beyond a focus in engineering. This led her on a path towards starship operations. She graduated with honors in 2392 and was assigned to the USS Melbourne.

The Melbourne was a 40-year-old vessel but, being a Nebula-class, it was a "working" vessel and gave Olivia plenty of room to explore her field. Despite a refit with the latest technology, the older vessel required constant upkeep to ensure the new technology fit with systems from the 2350s. Olivia enjoined the challenge, and often served in dual capacity as an operations relief officer and an engineering technician. In 2395, Olivia was promoted in recognition of her contributions to the department and the ship.

With her recent promotion, Olivia was now on the shortlist for Assistant Chief of Operations. While she enjoyed the work that her colleagues put into earning the position, she disliked the selection process's competitive nature, opting to let her work speak for itself. She was not the most qualified person for the job – other officers had longer service records and better relationships with the senior staff – but she represented a different type of candidate. With her entire career being on the Melbourne, she understood the ship's quirks better than almost anyone else.

Olivia became the new Assistant Chief in late 2395 and thrived off of the greater responsibility. Being dual trained in engineering and operations made Olivia a valuable asset. From setting up science labs to fixing the Captain's LCARS interface, she was the person called upon to make sure the "small" parts of the ship were functioning properly. She continued rotations in engineering, however, her new position saw a great deal of time on the bridge learning the intricacies of the ship's resource management.

In 2399, Olivia's tour with the Melbourne came to an end, and she had to decide on either committing to another tour or transferring somewhere else. She didn't like the idea of starting over in a new environment; she made a home on the Melbourne, and it would take a lot to convince her to leave. Her department head offered her bigger quarters and more time as the bridge's primary operations officer. While the offer was tempting, the USS Reliant, a small Reliant-class starship, offered her a position as Chief of Operations. She couldn't pass up an opportunity to run her own department.

Service Record

2399 - Present
Chief of Operations
USS Reliant
2395 - 2399
Asst. Chief of Operations
USS Melbourne
2392 - 2395
Operations Officer
USS Melbourne
2388 - 2392
Major, Computer Engineering
Starfleet Academy