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The Romulus Supernova of 2387 crippled the former Romulan Star Empire, leaving behind three fractured groups. The Romulan Free State and the Romulan Republic, two sovereign states recognized by the Federation, and the new Romulan Star Empire all seek control over both the Romulan people and their territory. At first, the Federation was receptive to the Romulans' needs, offering humanitarian support and evacuation before the star went supernova. The Attack on Mars in 2385 forced the Federation to abandon their efforts, leaving millions to perish and allowing a power vacuum to expand in Romulan territory. With Romulans now occupying the former Romulan Neutral Zones with both the Federation and the Klingon Empire, tensions are rising as instability in the region grows.

The USS Reliant is a vessel with over a decade of proud service to the Federation as one of Starfleet's most versatile workhorses. As a Reliant-class, the USS Reliant provides a crucial role as a jack of all trades, capable of quickly responding to most situations. Now, in 2399, the Reliant patrols the new Romulan-Federation border as part of a larger Task Force strengthening Starfleet's presence in the area.

Our Characters

The Reliant's crew are part of the frontline of the Starfleet's defence to patrol the former Romulan Neutral Zone.

Bravo Fleet

Our game is a proud member of Bravo Fleet, an online Star Trek fan club founded in 1997.

Latest Mission Posts

» For Your Eyes Only

Mission: The Skorlm
Posted on Thu Aug 26th, 2021 @ 4:15pm by Julia Silva & Kirk Bailey

The Captain entered his Ready Room and walked over the replicator ordering himself a black iced raktajino. He didn't get a whole lot of sleep the night before with the two early wake-up calls but their current predicament required it and he needed a caffeine boost, "Would you, like one,…

» The 6 AM Wake Up Call

Mission: The Skorlm
Posted on Wed Jul 21st, 2021 @ 6:29am by Kirk Bailey & Julia Silva & Olivia Vo & Blake Pisani & Sindari t'Khev

Captain Bailey was the first to arrive to the Observation Lounge. He walked over to the replicator and ordered several carafes of coffee, tea, milk, and creme and put them on the table. He sat down at the head of the table and waited. He hoped Lieutenant Olivia Vo would…

» Storage Locker 47 Alpha

Mission: The Skorlm
Posted on Wed Jul 7th, 2021 @ 4:29am by Olivia Vo & Blake Pisani

Olivia stood in the center of a small room on one of the lower levels of the Reliant. Sitting before her was all of the equipment Blake requested for their secret distillery. It was a large contraption, taking up a little more than half of the room. Tubes and wires connected…

» "You've landed this thing before, right?"

Mission: The Skorlm
Posted on Tue Jun 29th, 2021 @ 3:02am by Blake Pisani & Olivia Vo

The invitation to a holodeck adventure from Blake had initially been sent late in the night a few days back, shortly after her own experience "testing" the upgrades that typically occur with long stays at starbases. And so here it was that she found herself outside holodeck 2, leaning against…

» Two O'Clock Wake Up Call

Mission: The Skorlm
Posted on Sat Jun 26th, 2021 @ 7:53pm by Olivia Vo & Kirk Bailey & Fyxea Hawas PhD

The night shift was always Olivia's favorite time to be on duty. There was something about how quiet the ship felt, when you could hear the hum and feel the vibrations of the engine. It was calming and peaceful, but best of all it gave Olivia time to be alone…